Plaza History

Success breeds success on these influential grounds.

A Significant Foundation 

It all begins here

Blackstone Plaza, originally Kiewit Plaza, has been immaculately maintained by its original tenant-owner, Kiewit Corporation, since breaking ground in 1960 with a modernist architectural style. It was named after a construction company, Peter Kiewit Sons’, considered to be one of the most profitable in the world. In the following decades, the prosperity achieved within its walls put Omaha on the map and made the building a historic landmark.

The top floor of the building, originally The Cloud Room, served as an exclusive space for tenants and their guests, offering panoramic views across the city that heightened any occasion. The space hosted a gamut of events and created cherished memories, and that legacy lives on in the refreshed design of The Cloud Room.

Building construction

Building frame

Kiewit building from Farnam Street

Plaza Club

The Fountain Room

Plaza Club matches

Kiewit Plaza stairs

Outdoor fountain

Dining room